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IT security can mean a lot of different things, depending on who's hosting your servers. Security could mean that your server is just sitting in a concrete building with limited access. Or, it may mean that your servers are sitting behind a firewall that's not even configured right. You get the idea-you might not be as secure as you think you are and need to be. And the risks are huge.

ClientWhys uses RackSpace as our hosting vendor. With 4 data centers in the United States, Rackspace's data centers are engineered to the standards required to support a Zero-Downtime Network™. They are designed and maintained without compromise for security or redundancy.

Red Flag Rules Policy & Procedure

ClientWhys has developed a written identity theft prevention program developed by the Company as required by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACTA) Act of 2003. The Company has determined based on Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations that the Company is by definition a creditor with covered accounts and thus is subject to the Red Flag Rules. The purpose of this policy and procedure is to develop a customized program for the Company that will identify, detect, and respond to business practices or specific activities referred to as Red Flags that could result in identity theft. The programs include procedures to protect against potential identity theft and provide a remedial procedure should identity theft occur.