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Much has changed in the last two years when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing for professional firms. There is a massive amount of misinformation about what you should be doing to get more exposure for your local practice. While it may feel overwhelming, it is actually simpler than you think. But the time to get things optimized can be overwhelming.

That is where ClientWhys
Marketing Concierge comes in.

We will do the work for you to attract leads and convert them into clients. We help generate more reviews and social media followers to drive more referrals. Basically we take all of the hassles out of marketing.

The first concept hard to stomach for SEO experts is that SEO as we know it is dead. Google changed their algorithm, so these black hat SEO techniques don't work anymore. Mobile applications have become more of a factor in local search results. That doesn't mean there is no way to dominate your local market. Our proven methodology with amplify your brand across multiple channels.

  • There are 4 main elements in this package that will make your firm stand out on the Web.

On-page signals make up only 18.8% of local search-ranking factors.
The rest is made up of the following:

Google+ Listing

Do you have a Google + Page? Is the information up-to-date with the correct categories, logos, and firm information? Google places a big part of the ranking criteria on your presence on their social network.

Local Directory Sites

There are over 50 directories other than Google that help determine local search results. Are you even listed? Do you have a complete listing with inbound links, logo, staff, and product listings? Is your company name, address, and phone consistent across these directory listings?

Social and Mob Signals

Do you have a social presence? Are clients talking about you online? Do you have hundreds of followers? These are all signals that help search engines determine your ranking.

Reviews and Reputation Management

Even a few positive reviews can create a competitive advantage against your competitors. Know when someone reviews your firm and share that on social media.

ClientWhys Marketing Concierge Package is a comprehensive program that will help you take control of your local search results. Better yet, it will save you hours of time and uncertainty, allowing you to get the most out of your local search results.

ClientWhys will:

Add Local Visibility - update and manage all of the major directory listings (50-plus directory sites, mobile included). This includes Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing and many more.

  • Includes enhanced listings with your logo, staff, and services

Increase the amount of high-quality inbound links, improve the consistency of your structured citations, and help match your name, address and phone (NAP) settings across the Web.

Get you more reviews and social media followers - With 22.7% of the local search factors encompassing your reviews and social presence, it is not an area to ignore.

Amplify your message with info graphics - Interactive info graphics super charge your website and social media posts by amplifying the amount of shares and likes. Platinum subscribers get access to our most popular info graphics, including Track My Refund, Unclaimed Property and much more.

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