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Managing your emails properly allows you to receive the full benefits of the discussion list. We suggest the following options:

1) Set up a rule in Microsoft Outlook (or other platform). If you set up a rule, it will automatically route your emails from the discussion board into a specific folder. This will help you separate the inbound emails from your other communications, allowing you to get the most benefit from the system. Just keep what you want and delete the rest. Click Here for Microsoft Instructions - Setting Up Rules.

We suggest setting up a folder called ClientWhysConnect to store the emails. Each email system is different. Most rules (sometimes called filters) can be set up under the tools or preferences tabs. We have found that adding the rule "move messages from questions@clientwhysconnect.com" OR "subject contains [questions]" to be the best way to route the email.


2) Set up a separate email account specifically for the ClientWhys Connect system.

Once your account is active, to start a new email just send a message to questions@clientwhysconnect.com.

Everything is working very well in the portal and in Documents in particular. Very smooth! I also wanted to let you know that I am very impressed by you, your colleagues, and the company. You've addressed my number one concern. I simply lack talent and intuition when it comes to marketing. The holistic approach of the ClientWhys concept is astonishing. The integration of practical and necessary tools along with marketing is unique and unparalleled. As I dig deeper into the "kit" I continue to find more avenues at my disposal. I keep wondering "what will they think of next?".

Terrence O'Neill
Round Hill, VA Tax Preparation and Accounting

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Terrence O'Neill