Why does content marketing work so well for CPAs and tax accountants?

There is a shift in what works for building brands and long-term relationships with clients. The traditional push-and-interrupt marketing techniques of the past are being replaced with using valuable content that will position you as the industry expert.

So, what is content marketing?

In the Internet era, building trust is more important--and more difficult--than ever. Prospects are constantly interrupted with e-mails, pop-up ads, direct mail, telemarketing calls, and so on. Content marketing allows tax and accounting professionals to distribute advice and expertise to prospects and clients who are actively looking for more information or assistance. The content includes weekly tax tips, client case studies, how-to videos, white papers, QuickBooks webinars, and tax planning guides that engage your audience and develop relationships versus the hard sell. Content can be distributed on blogs, through e-mail newsletters, on social media, and content-sharing websites. You can gain readers by commenting on other blogs--with a link to your website to build traffic and see results.

Why does content marketing work?

If you can tell a great story that educates in a non-promotional way, you will be successful. With the tax and accounting profession, your knowledge is your expertise. Your prospects are hungry for your knowledge to help them save money or be more successful. So, if you consistently provide relevant, timely information to your audience, you will develop your brand and become an expert in their eyes.

How do you develop an audience?

What's great about content marketing is there are many media through which the material can be distributed. Add an article to your blog or upload a YouTube video, and then share it on social media, and the blog commenting will increase the eyeballs that access your material. You can literally gain hundreds, even thousands, of readers.  

So, how do you develop your own content?  

Focus on a service that you want to grow or identify a topic of current need. For example, with the Bush tax cuts expiring in 2013, many consumers and clients are worried about their future tax bills and how this will affect them. Articles that review the changes and possible planning scenarios will do very well. If you are trying to build your tax-planning business, then develop an ongoing series of tax-planning strategies. Develop a case study or examples of how the process works. Don't just list services. Concentrate your efforts on the main keywords before you try to cover a subject. Once you are successful with your first campaign, start on the next. Focusing on a niche also helps because there is less competition. Talking about tax tips for medical professionals will get much more traffic than competing with an article on generic tax tips that are not specific to a profession. The hard part is spending the time to write the material. We have three staff members who develop copy. We use Papercheck.com for grammar review. There are also services such as our tax blog content subscription: For $22 a month, you receive prewritten content to use in your own content marketing campaign.

Your content marketing efforts must be a part of your business strategy. You need buy-in from staff members and partners. Specifically address your practice goals and precisely target the informational needs of the audience you have specified. You will be on your way to a successful campaign!

  • Lee Reams II

  • I am a marketing junkie who has spent the last 20 years developing and executing "best in class" word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. With over 10,000 happy clients I think we are on to something. The explosion in web marketing and social media have redefined the way independent professionals market their practices. Follow my blog to see if you can take some of our actionable ideas to market your own practice.

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