Using local landing pages to improve your search results.

Tax accountants, enrolled agents and CPA clients are faced with the daunting task of maximizing their local Web visibility. While it can be easy to get indexed on the first page for the town you reside in, targeting outskirt cities can be a difficult task.

We have found that creating targeted local landing pages has worked very well for our clients. When done correctly, they can give your practice marketing exposure to local areas that may not normally get indexed by the directories.

How it works.

First of all, do not stuff keywords or make these landing pages spammy in any way. Do use the right keywords in your landing pages to get indexed for local searches. But make these landing pages natural and of value to the searcher.

Talk about how you are different. What issues will you solve for the searcher? Use the search terms in your title and meta information.

Basically, you are giving Google the roadmap to what this landing page is about. Do include a “Contact Us” link and a free consultation offer. Make it compelling and you will get higher conversion rates.

Here are examples of how we used targeted landing pages to get one of our clients, Top of the Line Tax, indexed on page one of Google with multiple offices. Don't use our copy verbatim, but use this as a template for developing your own copy. Make sure that the text is different for each page if you are building multiple landing pages. You don't want duplicate content on your site.

Valencia Tax Professional

San Dimas Tax Professional

It usually takes 2-4 weeks for these new landing pages to get indexed. Be patient and be prepared for the results by being responsive to your inbound calls.

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