Two quick questions to ask at each tax appointment

The following may sound like common sense as a marketing for accountants best practice. But, it is something easily forgotten during the busy tax season. Client relationships are a CPA and Tax Accounting practice biggest asset, bar none. So why not take the time to manage your contact information using the following quick questions.

1) Can I confirm your email address? 

2) Are you on Facebook? We are as well and we would love for you to “Like” our page.

Case Study: 

The top tax accounting practices understand that their clients are #1. With that understanding, you must develop an accurate client database. In today’s world, that is much more than just a physical client address. 

One of our top CPA practices follows the above steps at each appointment. This best practice guarantees that, during the off season, their client communications will be delivered. In a few months, this client has added 163 clients following it on Facebook and created a robust email newsletter following. Better yet is that many of the clients who now “like” this firm have posted unsolicited testimonials that can be seen by all of their followers on their Facebook wall. Basically, this is viral marketing at its best. This client also subscribes to our Facebook auto posting program so its clients are getting tax tips and strategies year round.

Sometimes, you just need to ask. 

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