The Importance of .com in Your Domain Name

Maybe this blog article should be titled “The Risk You Take with .info in Your Domain Name.” While Google doesn’t go out and say it, recent experiences with a CPA website seems to say that a .info domain name is harder to get ranked than a .com. My belief is that since GoDaddy and others sell .info domains so inexpensively, that they are commonly used by spammers and content farms. This all has to do with the Search Engine Rank Position of .info compared to other top level domains like .com. 

We had a recent client for whom we could not figure out why they ranked on page one in Bing and Yahoo but were all the way down on page 5 and 6 for Google. We reviewed the SEO keywords, the meta titles, developed quality inbound links and couldn't get any movement. A drastic decision was made to change the domain name to .com. Two weeks later the website is on page 1 in Google for all our search terms...even though Google would view this as a brand new site. 

  • Lee Reams II

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