Tax Update Mini CPE Courses Now Available.

We have been busy updating and writing new tax update cpe courses all summer long. In addition to our popular 900+ page Big Book of Taxes, we offer all of our courses in mini formats that can be bought individually or under a discounted bundled hour package.

These self-study courses come with a downloadable eBook that allows for easy searching and year-round reference. Over 20 titles will be released over the next 30 days. The courses offer instant grading and provide cpe for NASBA CPAs, Enrolled Agents and CTEC Tax Preparers.

Here are just a few of the most popular.

2011 Circular 230 & Preparer Regulations CPE
This course will meet the annual Enrolled Agent Ethics and CTEC Ethics CPE requirements.

2011 & Beyond Federal Update 

This course includes individual and small business changes that will affect the preparation of a 2011 tax return and planning issues for the future years based on current law and sunset provisions, including the potential effect of a multitude of provisions scheduled to expire if not extended by Congress.

Foreclosure and Debt Relief Online CPE 

After taking this course, the student will know how to deal with the information provided on the 1099-A and 1099-C forms; they will learn how to determine the amount of debt relief and figure the sales price and disposition of the underlying property by foreclosure, abandonment and short sale. The student will also be able to apply the various COD income exclusions, including Insolvency, Home Mortgage Debt Relief Income, Qualified Real Property Indebtedness (for rental property), Student Loan and Qualified Farm Indebtedness. The student will also be able to apply the rules for tax attribute and basis reduction and properly complete the Form 982.

CA Registered Domestic Partners 

Learn how to prepare the joint California and individual Federal returns for California Registered Domestic Partners (and Same Sex Married couples) using community property income rules per IRS Chief Counsel Advice 201021050.

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