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Tax planning season is fast approaching.  The many law changes and current economic climate make it more important than ever for you and  your clients to take advantage of every possible deduction. ClientWhys makes planning ahead easy by offering a suite of year-end tax planning products, including our client newsletters and industry- leading pocket tax guide.  Click here to review our flyer that highlights just a couple of the options.  Or call us at 1.800.442.2477 x3 to review your order history and product specifications.  We are offering a 15% discount on all printed orders received by October 25, 2011.  Just mention coupon code PTG11 when placing your order.

Review our Year-End Products Below:

Client Newsletters

Pocket Tax Guide

PDF Marketing Library

Clients that feel valued are much more likely to use you for additional services and refer you to their friends.  We hear this year- round from subscribers of our newsletters and website products.  These are the same practitioners that have higher billing fees and retention rates.  And the secret to their success is simple…regular client communication throughout the year.  Look to minimize your clients’ tax liabilities versus just completing a tax return.  That means building  a tax planning practice that asks the questions and drives inquiries.  And with our complete line of marketing communication products, it’s very easy to do.

Many of our clients are now moving to paperless office environments. If you want to save on postage and tax return cover printing costs and become even more efficient, our website product is the answer.  Our sites come fully loaded with every tool possible to take your practice to another level.

Click here to request a free trial today.

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