Tax Accountant Website Content Update Summary

We have just finished a comprehensive update of the website content library. With tax law changes piling up on top of tax law changes, it is important to keep clients up-to-date with the latest issues that will affect their financial position. We believe the quality of the ClientWhys content library is one of the main attributes that really differentiates us from our competitors.

We have covered many of these issues within the client newsletter, but if you are a subscriber to the website or e-mail newsletter products, you may want to create a custom e-mail campaign discussing some of the targeted issues listed below.

Here is a summary of the changes that were recently made:

1. Personal Finance - Numerous articles were updated and added.

2. Tax Tips & Strategies
- This section under Online Newsletter was updated for 2010 & Beyond.

3. Tax Central 
- Many subcategories were updated within this section.

- Tax Headlines
- This was changed to New Tax Laws and offers the same content found in New & Updated Tax Laws section under Online Newsletter.

- Tax Credits - Two articles were updated in this section.

- Tax Planning - Two articles were updated in this section.

- Tax Tips & Strategies - One article was updated in this section.

- Tax Updates - This entire section was revamped.
4. Key Articles Added - The following articles were added to the content:

Inherited Basis in 2010
Big Break for Adoptive Parents
How Will the Health Care Bill Affect Your Taxes?
2010 Brings Increased Deduction for Domestic Production Activities
Small Employer Simple Cafeteria Plans
New Employee Hiring Incentives
Big Break for Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction
Employer Tax-Free Medical Benefits Available to Children Under Age 27
Long-Range Tax Planning Clouded
How Will the Health Care Bill Affect Your Taxes?

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