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There are two philosophies that we see as the best way to implement an online document storage client portal. One is to simply share documents with clients and delete them after a set period of time. The other is to provide an online storage option where clients can download and add confidential tax and financial documents within their portal as an ongoing storage location.

To better serve the practitioners that only want to share documents and have them delete after download, ClientWhys has added an Automated File Purger tool where the professional can dictate how long files are stored in a client’s lockbox. This helps cut down on storage costs and improves security by controlling how long a file is available.

You now have the option to set up an automatic purge date for customers that are only sharing files, not storing files for clients. This can help cut down on your lockbox storage.

To use this feature, login to the editor, scroll down to lockbox, and click File Purger.

Now go to the automated file purger option, select the days prior that you want files deleted and click Update Auto Purge. This will now continuously purge files that are older than your designated time period.

ClientWhys offers unlimited client portals with no size limitations. Click the following links if you want to learn more about our Client Portal Lockbox or Tax Accountant Websites.

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