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We have been busy launching new features before tax season is upon us. Our goal in product development is to provide you with web-based tools that will help automate your administration procedures. Obviously, cutting costs is a big feature and our new Tax Reminders eliminate the human side to reminding clients about their appointments, cutting down on no-shows and labor costs. Our new eGreeting card line is another cost-saving tool that will provide professional greetings without the cost of postage and card printing.

We hope you enjoy the new features. We appreciate your feedback and continued referrals.

Tax Reminders - Automated Appointment and Due Date Reminders

We are putting the finishing touches to the Tax Reminder System based on feedback and suggestions from our Beta testers. The Google Calendar Sync lets us work with almost any modern calendar, including Outlook and Outlook Exchange. We have loaded the due date reminder library with estimated, individual and business reminders.

You can also add your own custom reminders to the system as well. The online Appointment Calendar Sync has been fine-tuned so that the Calendars are loading faster on the website. We are just missing the automated Birthday wishes and then the Tax Reminders are ready to roll out.

We are still allowing trial usage of the product through December to get ready for Tax Season. But come January 1, we are out of the Beta Release phase. Call us at 1.800.442.2477 x3 if you want to try out the new features.

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Tax Accountants Automate their Holiday and Birthday Wishes with ClientWhys eCards

ClientWhys has launched eCards for CPA and Tax Accounting firms to deliver high-quality greetings via e-mail. The line includes Holiday and Birthday wishes and can be easily sent via e-mail to select clients or your entire database.

The eCards are available to all E-mail Newsletter and Tax Accountant Website customers free of charge. This is just another example of how ClientWhys technology can help automate your marketing process and cut down on traditional print and postage costs.


For more information, visit our ClientWhys website at or call 1.800.442.2477 x3. Online Payments

We have always recommended Paypal to accept online payments. Many of you already use so we have added a feature that allows you to accept client payments through your website. We have added a Help Section on setting up the system. It is quite easy and works very well. Please call us if you have any questions.

Editing Article Titles

The article title is called an H1 tag in programmer-speak.  It is a very important section of the website that the search engines review when indexing your website.  We have added the ability to change the size and color of the article titles through the editor.  This allows you to make it stand out better if needed. We caution that you only change font sizes versus getting too colorful.

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