Should you reserve a domain name under the new .Accountants extension?

Unlike the physical world where you can run out of land to build, online real estate has been greatly expanded with the coming launch of .cpa, .accountants, .finance and .tax domain extensions. Should a CPA firm, Tax Preparer or Accountant reserve a place in this new real estate depends on whether you need to protect your brand or see an opportunity to improve on your current url. For example may be a better domain name than what you currently are using. Many of the domain registrars like enom are already starting watch lists for the new extensions so you can acquire your choice quickly on release. Just one more issue to add to your marketing calendar.

  • Lee Reams II

  • I am a marketing junkie who has spent the last 20 years developing and executing "best in class" word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. With over 10,000 happy clients I think we are on to something. The explosion in web marketing and social media have redefined the way independent professionals market their practices. Follow my blog to see if you can take some of our actionable ideas to market your own practice.

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