SEO for Tax Accountant Websites - The Basics

As a website developer, we review client websites on a daily basis. There seems to be a misconception on how Google and search engines work and how this relates to Tax Accountant websites. This tutorial will review the basics and provide readers the knowledge to improve their search results with some minor changes.

When it comes to optimizing a website, there are two things to consider. The first one is having the correct keywords within the meta information and H1 Tags, and the other is the amount of inbound links to your website. They need to both be optimized to get the best results. This tutorial is only going to address the meta information and not the role of inbound links.


I hear complaints on why Tax Accountant websites do not show up in Google under the search terms desired. 99% of the time when the copy and website is reviewed, the desired keywords are not even used. The search engines can't read minds. You need to tell them what is important on your site.


Let me start with Meta Titles, Descriptions and H1 Tags. Your website should have the ability to edit your meta titles and descriptions for every page. If these areas are left blank, have all the same information, or do not apply to the page, this will not help your website get indexed. If your current website does not allow you to easily edit these fields, then it is time to upgrade to one that does. I also suggest that you keep things simple. Trying to be all things to the general population will give you average results. Focusing on fewer keywords will get you ranked higher and more visible.


To see how this all plays out, let's take a look at an example. I wanted to focus on Malibu Tax Preparation on my personal website. I started out by creating a Personal Profile using those keywords to test how long it would take me to get indexed. I was pleasantly surprised to see my profile ranked at the top of the organic search results after one week of launching my profile. I then decided to update the meta title and description for my website to match Malibu Tax Preparation. I am waiting to see the results as Google reindexes my website.


Follow the same strategy. Pick something you want to be ranked high at and incorporate it into your website. If you have sub pages on your website that focus on Non-Profits, for example, then use Malibu Non-Profit Accounting as your meta title for that page. It takes time but these strategies absolutely pay off.


The H1 Tag is usually the top headline above your main text on a website page. Including your keywords in the H1 tag is also very useful and tells the search engines what the webpage is about. Be specific enough and do your best to use a lot of relevant keywords. "Keyword stuffing" is frowned upon by search engines, so avoid this pitfall or it could do some damage to your ranking. For my website, I added Malibu Tax Preparation and Planning to my H1 tag and it is already driving results.


I have created a short tutorial that shows where the meta title and description is located and how Google reads them in their results.


Click here to view the SEO for Tax Accountants Tutorial.



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