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The Lockbox has been getting a ton of usage this tax season. We wanted to list some important tips when utilizing the tool. You can also review the following tutorial videos for more information.

Helpful Tips

1. Controlling the Size of Your Lockbox - There are two ways to use the lockbox, as a sharing tool or as a storage tool for clients. If you want to control the amount of storage you are using on the system, start using the Purge Tool found under Editor Home / Lockbox. This will allow you to automatically delete documents on a set period of time. For example, you can allow 2 weeks for clients to download a certain document.  At the end of the 2-week period, the document will be purged from the system. Keep in mind that if you pass a storage threshold, we will simply upgrade you to the next package.

2. Selecting the Auto Notification
- You can set up the lockbox to send a notification each time your client uploads a new document. Go to Editor Home / Lockbox / Advanced Features. Please note that with the recent increases in spam activity, some spam filters may occasionally deliver the e-mail notification to your spam folder. So just look out for that.

3. Creating Segments or Using the Public Lockbox
- You can create specific client groups where you can upload a document to that segment lockbox and all members of that group will see the file. Go to Editor Home / Lockbox / Custom Public Lockboxes. This can also be used to send one document to the entire client base using the public lockbox. Please be careful not to accidentally upload a client file to the public lockbox since it can be seen by all.

4. Secure Messaging
- This works similar to any online banking website. Messages are selected either secure or not. If they are secure, the recipient will get an e-mail notification to login to their lockbox to read the message. The message is stored behind our SSL secure firewall and allows sending of confidential information like social security numbers or missing information. Some firms are even sending client data via the messenger between preparers. It is that reliable.

5. Setting Up Additional Administrators
- You can add a new level of security and admin rights to the lockbox tool. This is for practices with multiple employees and practitioners that need to access each other's clients and the employees’ lockboxes.

Example: If a staff member is helping upload files to a client’s lockbox, you may want that staff member to have their own lockbox login that is separate from the master admin. But, you also want them to be able to see and access all of your clients’ lockboxes. This can be done by creating a new lockbox for that staff member with their own user name and password.

Click both of the admin boxes shown below before you click Add Client.

x Administrator (Gives employees within your company the ability to add their own clients) *Denoted in red in Client List

x Administrator with Access to ALL Clients (Gives employees within your company the ability to view clients assigned to all Reps) - Once they are logged in, they can view all of the other lockboxes. They cannot change passwords or delete files, but they can upload/download files.

If you have any questions or want to set up a lockbox for your firm, please call us at 1.800.442.2477 x3 or visit our website at

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