[Product Update] - Introducing eSign for Tax Professionals.

Sign with confidence.

Getting legal documents and disclosures signed has never been simpler. We've removed paper and mail delays entirely from the process and built tools to facilitate document signing, tracking, and management. Notifications keep you apprised of the signer's activity, and our audit trail logs it. Resend a request if you still have an open signature request. Once completed, signed documents are securely stored and accessible from your client portal, so you can always access and print your eSigned documents.

  • Unlimited users
  • No additional monthly fee – pay per document, as low as .50 each
  • Integrated into your client portal with your branding
  • Clients can sign from anywhere, including mobile
  • Template library with 7216 disclosures, engagement letters, and IRS efile authorization form 8879s

Legally binding.

Our electronic signatures are recognized in court. We comply with some of the most stringent eSignature laws in the United States.

Beta launch features and how it works.

We have included a library of 7216 disclosures and engagement letters in the eSign library. Simply fill in the variable data, and the system will automatically send out the signature requests, including a version for spouses.

The beta launch also includes the ability to request a signature from any document in a client’s document library. Future enhancements will let you upload a document to map out and create your own signature fields.

Getting started tutorial.

The eSign application is available to all subscribers to ClientWhys Connect and Persyst. ClientWhys legacy website users and trial users would need to upgrade to use the eSign capability. Call Joseph at 1.800.442.2477 x227 for more information.

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