Power of Attorneys Going to the Wrong Address?

Several practitioners have complained on “CWconnect”, the ClientWhys tax community, that their POAs were going to old addresses. In addition, there are instances where in audit, the examiner has questioned why the POA address is different from that on file.  

One of the CWconnect community practitioners called the CAF Unit in Memphis and found out that the CAF unit had received address updates to his account from two different IRS campuses, one just a week ago, changing his address to an incorrect one. One of the updates was an old address going back 15 years. The folks at the CAF Unit were very helpful and took his correct address over the phone, but had no idea what is triggering all the address changes from the various campuses.  

At this time, it seems to be an issue we must endure pending its resolution. So if you discover your CAF account has old or incorrect addresses, you can call the CAF unit at (901) 546-4176 or fax them at (901) 546-4115.

  • Lee Reams Sr.

  • Lee T. Reams is the Chief Technical Officer of ClientWhys. He is also an Enrolled Agent having managed a 600-plus client tax practice. Educated as an engineer, with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Lee left his engineering career in 1975 to expand his part-time tax practice into a full-time career.

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