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On Independence Day, my wife and I were discussing job applications and the appropriate way to respond when asked why you are leaving your current employer—the most difficult question to answer.

This situation made us wonder about how many people bypass or twist the truth and provide a generic response to prevent any backlash. It’s hard to blame them, especially when their bosses are crazy and writing about all the craziness you (who happens to be perfect) have to put up with only makes them look crazy, too.

But the truth works--and that's the truth. Your boss isn't really crazy (at least not legally). This situation got me thinking that if you could write a truthful, yet professional, response to this difficult question, your application would stand out from among the rest. And as I thought more about it, I concluded that telling the truth makes you more transparent.

Shortly thereafter, I started thinking about how ClientWhys could become more transparent. We’re always working on something that would be great to show to our clients. The problem is that many of the things we discuss and start developing never become final products.

Despite this problem, wouldn't it be great to get our clients involved in these discussions? By collaborating, clients will get a much higher return of their investment. Either way, being transparent feels good. Running a web development company is a complex venture and any new information would be great to share with you, our clients.

So, in honor of Independence Day in the United States, we want to offer you the liberty to see the stories on our blogs about the new features that we're developing and the difficulties we're encountering. We view this as an opportunity for you to see what we're working on, what we're fixing, and the many concepts that probably won't become final products.

Because we'll be providing in-depth details about future products, I have to mention a disclaimer so that you'll know that some of these features and services might not make it into the final release. We all know that software that is easy-to-use is used more often. There is such thing as too many features. We are taking the Apple approach to design, where a clean interface is as important as the features. To make our disclaimer more interesting, we've named it our Open-Door Policy slash Disclaimer.

Open-Door Policy Slash Disclaimer

We are going to open the doors to our clients and let them take a wide-angled view of our processes. You will now be able to see the planning, design, and development of features and services that we might or might not provide in the future.

Simply put, we cannot guarantee anything. What we can promise, however, is that we will be honest and transparent and use these traits to open up discussions with the goal of helping you, our clients, become more successful when using our products at your companies. Keep in mind that we cannot provide any information that might affect the security of any our clients' property.

Phew...so that’s it.

Now, with this new freedom, we're eager to start writing about current projects. We're going to show screenshots of our new portal, what we did wrong and are fixing, features we're talking about including, modernizing our website and why it's expensive to develop, and much more.

In conclusion, Let me quote William Wallace at the end of the movie “Braveheart” in 1995: FREEDOM!


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