It is all about your credibility and first impressions.

Driving off-season consultations and generating more referrals are the life-blood of any successful tax practice. Keeping your clients up-to-date with the latest tax law changes, the Affordable Care Act, and new tax rates builds goodwill with your client base.

The ClientWhys Pocket Tax Guide does the work for you by providing a professional summary of the year’s tax changes and rates that clients will reference year round.

Offered in print and PDF formats, the Pocket Tax Guide is the perfect marketing brochure to help build your business. Available personalized with your logo.

Click here to preview the brochure.

Click here to order online or call us at 1.800.442.2477 ext. 3. The guides are shipping today, so don't delay.

New Brochure!

Preorder the Taxpayer's Guide to the Affordable Care Act - Understanding the Health Insurance Mandate.

Concerned about the time you will have to spend explaining the new health insurance mandate to your clients during an already shortened tax season?

We have the solution. ClientWhys has developed a brochure that explains the key aspects to this new mandate and how it is linked to the premium assistance credit, health insurance subsidies, penalty for not being insured, and insurance exchanges.

This 8.5” x 11” full color brochure is available in units of 25 with optional personalization. Brochures will start shipping the beginning of January.

Click here to preview the brochure.

Click here to order online or call us at 1.800.442.2477 ext. 3.

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