IRS Continuing Education Reporting - PTIN Errors

The new IRS Continuing Education Reporting program is off and running. ClientWhys started reporting the results to the IRS for our tax update CPE clients last month. The bad news is the high percentage of reports that are being rejected by the IRS. The biggest reasons for the rejections are incorrect PTIN numbers and last names that do not match up with the registered preparer. Just as a passport must match the traveler on an airline, the IRS expects the information the CPE provider sends over to match the IRS PTIN database. Any discrepancies will cause the IRS not to accept the reporting. 

Some tips: 

Make sure you verify the information you are submitting to your CPE provider.  

If you have variations of your last name or include your professional designations, make sure they are consistent with what the IRS has on file. 

Always include the PTIN on your finished course evaluation. If your CPE provider does not know your designation(s), he/she will not know to report the course to the IRS.

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