How is your accountant website ranking after the #mobilegeddon?

Just a few days after the Google mobile algorithm change, the results are starting to pour in. With any major search engine change, digital marketing professionals get nervous for any curve balls that might be thrown their way. At ClientWhys, we utilize SEO best practices in everything we do, from site architecture to reviews and content marketing. If your accounting or CPA website is not responsive, you most likely have fallen down the Google search results for mobile devices.

We have been auditing the mobile search results for our clients, and the results are off-the-charts positive. Google says it will take about 1 week for the changes to fully propagate through the web. But already, ClientWhys customers are pinned at the top of page 1. In many markets where we have multiple clients, it looks like a ClientWhys invasion on page 1 of Google.  We promise to continue to protect our clients’ brand reputations, and we continue to innovate and disrupt traditional accountant marketing.

Check here to see if your site is mobile friendly.

If you are new to ClientWhys, we offer a 30-minute free consultation to go over your existing website and online marketing efforts. It is also worth reading our recent Google mobile search blog article on the full circle of services we provide to push our clients up the search results page.

We have gathered some Google mobile results so you can review our successes. If your current website has fallen off because of technical design issues, it is a perfect time to upgrade to the ClientWhys marketing platform.

The following search results were obtained using an iPhone 6 on April 23, 2015. Please note that Google also places the term “mobile-friendly” next to the search results.

Saint Petersburg Tax Preparation – National Tax

Mountain View Tax Preparation – StoneBridge Tax Solutions

San Jose Tax Preparation - Lina's Tax Team

Claremont CPA –Christiansen Accounting

Burbank CPA – Ara Haddadian

Temecula Tax Preparation – TeamTax

Miami CPA – Ivy Accounting

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