How can I get more likes for my Tax Accountant Facebook Fan Page?

One of the keys to success when using social media to connect with your audience is building a large and qualified following. Clientwhys offers a turnkey social media program for CPAs and Tax Accountants that manages the entire process. Here is a tool that you can use within Facebook to gain more likes. 

These instructions were taken directly from the Facebook Help Section. All rights reserved. 

All Page admins have the option to suggest their Page to friends by selecting the 'Suggest to Friends' link. Selected friends may begin to see suggestions for your Page in the right-column as they navigate around Facebook. A preview of what this looks like can be found above the friend selector after you select 'Suggest to Friends.'  

Non-admins do not have this option, and are not able to view this link. However, they can share a Page with friends by selecting the 'Share' link in the bottom left side of the Page. They can then choose to share it via a post on their profile (timeline), which may appear in their friends' News Feeds, or with specific friends via a message.  

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