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There have been quite a few changes here at ClientWhys. We have moved our headquarters to Irvine, to start (please note our new address), and we have been actively adding to and improving upon our technology platform.

Here are some changes you should be aware of…

1) No more $40 subscription price level - If you have been sitting on the fence about switching or have been too busy to go live; now is the time to sign up. We are removing the $40 level from our pricing package the week of August 18, when we roll out our new product suites. Call us at 1.800.442.2477 x3 to get started

2) New blogging tools - We have added the ability to add your custom blog articles to our information center. You can add your own category or choose one of ours. Your article will be published within our standard blog feed. Click here for a tutorial on getting started. This is important to highlight issues that are more local in nature or that we do not cover in our articles. Plus, the search engines love your content, so blog away.

3) New templates – We have added some iconic and energizing design templates to help you stand out from the crowd. Both provide mobile-friendly and responsive designs with cutting edge graphics

4) Online Appointments – We have added the online appointment module to the new platform. Clients can now review your free times and schedule appointments directly from your website. Set calendars up for multiple professionals. Our system will sync with any calendar that works with Google Calendar (which means most.)

5) Automated Appointment Reminders - Cut down on no-shows by sending personalized emails, texts, or voice reminders to clients about their upcoming appointments. Reduce your office administration costs.

6) Automated Due Date Reminders - Send text or email reminders to your entire database or groups of clients. Set up the reminder preference and automate your marketing communication. This feature will be part of the new product suite launching the week of August 18.

7) Improved secure client messaging features - We have been fine-tuning the messages and disclosures. You will see some new features that let you customize these even more.

Coming Soon...

1) Better task management – We are adding the ability to assign tasks and conversations to other professionals, improving task management. This allows users to easily manage client engagements and tasks related to each client.

2) Elevator Pitch Videos - Mobile devices and social media are making videos more effective than ever. We are rolling out our elevator pitch videos that will cost effectively communicate your unique selling propositions and distinguish you from the competition. Plus, the videos are very viral and can easily be shared online by your best ambassadors. View sample below. Click here to view a sample video.

3) Bundled Pricing Plans - We have added services and increased storage and database options to make our tools more effective and affordable. The new pricing will roll out the week of August 18. So take a look at what works best for your firm.

Switch Campaign...

We have had a huge number of users upgrading from our legacy platform. If you have not taken a look yet, check out what some of your peers have done with our new mobile-friendly designs. It is free and we do the work for you. Just submit a Switch Request and we will get to work.

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