Does My Small Practice Need a Blog?

Often times, many accounting and tax pros question whether or not it is important to have a blog as part of their marketing strategy.

Should your practice website have a blog with ongoing fresh and relevant content? Absolutely. Do you have to spend many hours of your own time writing for it? Absolutely not.

According to a recent study by BrightLocal:

  • 68% of poll respondents believe all local businesses need blogs
  • 98% think businesses should update their blogs at least once a month
  • The top local business blog topics: 1. How-to Guides, 2. Local news/events, 3. Company news. 4. Product news/reviews. 5. Case studies.


Having a blog for your practice provides many benefits:

  1. Creates content for social media sharing
  2. Builds your online reputation
  3. Provides a platform for you to showcase and share your expertise
  4. Improves your search engine optimization (SEO) and rankings
  5. Allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition


Many accountants and tax pros may have tested the waters and have started a blog, only to discover that it was “too time consuming” or they “did not have anything to write” or feel as if they are not “good writers.” Because of these obstacles, blogging has become less of a priority in the overall business plan. The good news is that there are companies that automate blog content for your business.

There are many mistakes that are associated with blogs but the #1 mistake (which we see every day) is "writing irrelevant content." You should never write content for the sake of content creation. For tax and accounting pros, it should not be fluffy content or things that are too technical. It needs to be fresh, quality content that speak to your audience. That is what will make your blog successful.

Is this is hard or expensive? Nope. We’re here to help. ClientWhys can blog for you -- posting great tax and accounting blog content (and social and email newsletter content as well) 2-3x per week.  Our tax and accounting blog content is timely, engaging and always accurate from a technical standpoint.  So you can have confidence that you have great content posting to your blog that your clients and prospective clients will really love.

So what are you waiting for?  Be sure to contact us today to get a great blog for your accounting or tax practice.

At ClientWhys, we have spent years helping tax and accounting pros to get more from social media. To discuss your practice growth goals, to audit your current social media networks or to see how we can help, please call us today at 1.949.438.2186 or book an appointment here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Joann Doan

  • Joann Doan, Marketing Manager at ClientWhys, is an experienced Marketing expert with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry. Strong media and communication professional skilled in Sales, Retail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Market Research, and Management.

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