Do Tax Accountants need a mobile version of their website?

According to the Comscore “2012 Mobile Future in Focus” report, nearly 42 percent of all U.S. mobile subscribers now use smartphones. Even more impressive is that tablet usage surged to more than 40 million users. As this trend continues to increase, web designers will have to start migrating web design to fit this growing audience.

What this means to CPA and Tax Preparation firms is still unknown. At minimum, clients will use their mobile devices for contact information and directions. Is a mobile edition of your website needed today? Before anyone jumps right in, it is important to understand your goals in the mobile space. If your current website has contact information on the home page, clients might get by with your main website navigation. This is true for sites that load quickly. If you have a site that is older, slow, or image intensive, mobile users might get frustrated by the load time.

Mobile versions of websites are programmed to load quickly and fit within smaller screen sizes. They are usually slimmed-down versions of your website. Use of responsive designs that automatically resize, depending on screen size, is an area that might offer a solution. ClientWhys is launching our first responsive design this summer. Generally, enabling a mobile edition of your website solves many of your visitors’ issues. Best practice is to include only data that a mobile user—most likely a current client—would need to access quickly. It is also nice to include a link to your main website for users who want more than the mobile experience.

A single-column structure tends to work best. Not only does this help with managing limited space on the smaller screen, it also helps you easily scale between different device resolutions and flip between portrait and landscape modes. For your mobile edition, choose to display only content that fits a mobile user’s needs. For example: Load only the slimmed-down version of your services, not eight sub-pages. ClientWhys includes mobile editions with all of our websites for accountants. Subscribers simply enable the mobile device under my account, and then load text under the advanced tab for each page you want displayed. We default a link to the full site for users who want to see more.

Summary: Start thinking about mobile and how it will affect your practice in years to come. At ClientWhys, we are leading the charge in responsive design and mobile applications. If you have a website design by another vendor, there are many options to create mobile editions of your site. Click here to view a blog article that reviews the Top 40. Check back often, as we will continue to release our newest website upgrades.

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