Did You Forget to Renew Your PTIN?

Paid preparers cannot prepare returns without a valid PTIN

PTIN renewal is always available. However, the IRS will be sending letters to all individuals who did not renew their PTIN for the 2012 season. The letter reminds the individuals that if they are planning to prepare tax returns in 2012, they must renew their PTIN. The letter also lets the recipients know that unless they renew their PTIN, the PTIN will be removed from the valid PTIN list on February 21, 2012 until it is renewed.

If you have not yet renewed your PTIN, it can be renewed online. If you encountered problems attempting to renew online, review the troubleshooting tips in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the PTIN website. Or, you may call the PTIN Information Line at 877-613-7846.  

When renewing online you will need your user name and password you created when you registered your PTIN. If you have forgotten them, there are prompts that will allow you to access the information by e-mail. If in the process of obtaining that information you are blocked after too many attempts, simply clear your browsing history and continue.

Most online issues can be resolved using the troubleshooting guidance or with a phone call. If you are still unable to resolve your online issue, you will need to file a paper Form W-12 to renew. If you obtained your PTIN using a paper Form W-12, you can renew by mailing a new Form W-12 and checking the “renewal” box. It will take 4 to 6 weeks to process.

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