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First, thanks to all of you who provided feedback and suggestions as we rolled out our new responsive website platform. We now have over 200 CPA, tax and accounting professionals loaded into the new system. Your input has been invaluable and will continue to help guide our development as we move forward. As you can tell, we have been busy adding new features in the last few weeks. We promise to continue to improve on our suite of marketing applications to make them world-class.

Here are the latest updates, new tools and tutorials.

Seven New Responsive Templates with Matching Email Designs

We now have 7 new responsive templates with multiple color, image and home page combinations that can meet any professional's demands. The feedback from our tax and accounting clients has been nothing less than phenomenal. They really like the easy navigation and the enormous resource of information found on our customers websites. The mobile-friendly navigation has been working great on multiple devices, from mobile phones to iPads and desktop-sized screens.

Secure Messaging and Document Sharing with Groups of Clients

We just integrated the ability to send secure documents or messages to groups of clients. Just set up a list in the communication screen. Next, visit the message center and start composing a new message. You can select an option from the message center drop-down to send a secure message to your entire database or select groups. This time saver can be used to instantly send pre-interview checklists, organizers and much more to groups of clients. 

Document Upload Without Client Notification

We have added the ability to upload a document to the client document library without sending a notification. This allows you to store anything you want in your clients' folders. 

Communication Automated Client Newsletter

Every website template includes a matching, mobile-friendly, fluid design. The communication tab allows users to import their database, segment the database into lists, and create and send custom messages. The automated newsletter is enabled to send on the first business day of each month. Users can personalize their introduction, sort articles, add their own articles and even delete our master articles.

Website Plug-in Library

We have expanded the library with new plug-ins and layout options. Users can now easily sort the footer plug-ins and publish individual plug-ins on specific pages. The “important documents” plug-in has been the most popular so far, allowing client downloads to be displayed on any page. 

New Tab Security Levels

When you set up additional users, you can now select what tabs the user has access to. This allows you to control access to the communication or website editor. 

Knowledge Base and Support

You will notice that we have incorporated the support tab throughout the website dashboard. This links directly to the knowledge base to view tutorials and find quick answers to common questions. You can also submit help desk tickets directly from the website. Our new system allows us to better manage support requests and provide faster response times. So, please send all support-related questions to or visit

We have more tools in the pipeline. Look for new apps to automate your marketing tasks.

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