ClientWhys Sites August Product Update and How-To Tutorials

We have been busy in development of some new tools that will help make your daily tasks that much quicker.  You will start hearing the term “Automation” in our marketing efforts as we start taking over previous manual tasks with new web-based functions.  We think you will be pleased with these upgrades so stay tuned in the coming months.

Coming Soon!

Lockbox Drag & Drop and Embed Iframe Feature

The biggest enhancement that we will be rolling out in August is the “Drag and Drop” feature that will allow Firefox browser users the ability to simply drag and drop documents into lockboxes.  Though it doesn't sound like much, it will make the uploading and downloading process much faster.  For clients that are just using the lockbox by itself, we have added an embed code that can be added to your website so clients can seamlessly login.  Please call us for details. 

Automating Client Communication

The theme for our new tools in 2010 is automation.  Anything that can be automated and saves you and your staff time and money is being considered.  Much of our heavy development is going into appointment and due date reminders.  We are working on some cool features that will sync up with your Outlook and Google Calendars.  So wait until we release these features before you get too far along in your appointment setting for next year.  Look for an October BETA test announcement.

New Template Design and Mobile Browsing

We have a new website template being finalized that looks as custom as they get.  We have completely rethought what we could do with our designs and are excited with the results.  We think we have officially broken through as the leader in Tax Accountant website design with our new style guide.  This new release will be previewed at the end of this month so keep a look out.  Part of this new style guide is the development of mobile versions of your website that will display better when optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone.

What’s New?

New Health Care Legislation section added to Personal Finance

We have just launched a brand new library section under Personal Finance that covers the different Health Care provisions and when they become active.  This is extremely valuable information for your clients as they plan ahead and start to comprehend how the changes affect them and their businesses.

Need Help? View Our Website Tutorials.

Publishing Blog Posts to Facebook Fan Page

I hear this constantly, where CPAs and tax accountants are overwhelmed by the thought of using Twitter or Facebook to expand their marketing communications.  The trouble with that logic is that hundreds of millions of people are using social websites everyday.  So if you are not providing them information, someone else will.  Hopefully, not your competition!

Click on the icon below to watch a video tutorial that shows you how to import your blog or newsletter to Facebook.

Lockbox - Individual

Our lockbox feature is built into every website package.  By securely sharing documents and messages with clients via the lockbox, you help comply with State and Federal privacy laws and cut down on your own presentation costs.  This is a step-by-step tutorial that reviews the lockbox feature on the website.  This will explain how to add an individual client.  See the lockbox - public tutorial if you need help with the public lockbox feature.

Click on the icon below to view the tutorial.

If you have any questions about these features or have suggestions on upcoming tools, feel free to contact us by calling 1.880.442.2477 x 3 or via e-mail at We look forward to hearing from you. 

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