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"I especially want to commend you on the scope of areas of tax law that you are able to address in this review and update. Your text is especially valuable to me in that in addition to being a self-employed tax preparer, I am also a primary care person and find it difficult to be away from my home for any length of time to actually attend seminars and workshops that provide the required CPE. A text as complete as yours is a very good substitute for attendance at even the better seminars, workshops, or conferences available for tax law review and update. Thank you for providing this opportunity!"

Edmund L. Murdock, E.A.

  • Wendy Claypool

  • If you are a long-time ClientWhys customer, then Wendy's voice is very familiar to you. And you also know that she loves dogs. Wendy knows what it takes to exceed client expectations and is dedicated to your success. She has a clear understanding of what drives customer satisfaction and does an exceptional job of meeting the needs of our client base.

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