Citations: the missing element in getting your website found.

Optimizing your website is just one element of getting your brand found online. Based on local search experts and a recent study, on-page optimization only accounts for 18.8% within the overall ranking factor for local search results. While social presence and reviews are making a bigger influence on results, the quality and quantity of your citations are key combative differentiators.

Okay, so what is a citation?

Citations are instances of your name, address, and phone number (NAP) being mentioned on other websites. This might include major directories like Yahoo Local and Yelp, industry-specific directories like your accounting societies, region specific sites like, and even a mention of your name by a local blogger.

The more consistent the citations that Google finds online that match NAP contacts, the more relevance Google gives to your website within local search results.

Steps to improve your citations:

Nothing is worse than bad data. And while 40% of addresses and contact information is incorrect on most directories, the task of updating them can be overwhelming.

There are two options:

A.    Use a service like ClientWhys Local Search Engine Optimization program for CPAs, EAs, and tax accountants where we do the work for you.

B.    Identify the top 20 or so directory sites and start claiming them yourself. Make sure that you use the exact same contact information for each listing. Listed below are the top ten sites to get you started:

  1. Bing Local
  4. Google Places
  9. Yahoo Local

Research has shown that listings that are updated monthly improve their traffic rates by 300%. So make sure that you update photos, offers, and other important information on a consistent basis. Google and the directories like fresh content. So use this to your advantage.  

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