Case Study - How a Burbank CPA uses automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and improve profitability

Burbank Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Ara Haddadian has this to say about the ClientWhys Automated Appointment Reminder System: "I have received some really good feedback about the online appointment scheduler from my website.  Clients really like to be able to see my availability and schedule directly instead of having to call in.  It has given them additional choices in scheduling a convenient time that works for their schedule.  I have also received feedback saying that it shows that I am on top of my game.  The confirmation emails and the appointment reminder emails have also helped to keep no-shows to a minimum.  Rescheduling is easy and convenient.  I have used the online appointment system for about 80% of my new clients, and it really has helped me to keep costs low and to work more efficiently."

This automated system is available in all of our websites for accountants. No-shows are costly to any business, especially one that squeezes so many appointments into such a small three-month period. By automating the appointment reminder process, you are saving on labor and phone costs. This is even more important for a small tax practice. Automated reminders can be sent via email, text, or authentic-sounding voice message. Clients will appreciate the ability to schedule appointments online and choose the reminder type. This is guaranteed to reduce your no-shows. All you need is to sync your website with Google calendar. The ClientWhys system then provides the calendar on your website and manages the scripts on the back end. You can even schedule when the reminder messages are delivered.

Read more about the ClientWhys’ automated appointment reminders.

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