Browser Maintenance 101 - Clear your Cache

When you surf the web, accessing websites, files, images and other content, your browser caches, or stores, all that information on your computer. These files, which are called temporary Internet files, will quickly load each time you click the back or forward buttons. While this is convenient, you lose control over your privacy and these cached files will increase the amount of storage on your computer. 

Clearing your cache, cookies and history can significantly improve the speed and performance of your browser. Basically browsers, routers and websites can sometime get hung up and stop loading correctly.  A browser may even display a cached page that is not the actual live link from the web. When troubleshooting issues with any website, after clearing your browser's cache and cookies, exit your browser completely before attempting to access the site again. In Windows, close all your browser windows; in Mac OS X, quit (Command-q) your browser.

Click here for instructions on clearing cache for multiple browsers.

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