Are you in compliance with your IRS Firm Policy Manual?

Many tax professionals are unaware of the IRS Circular 230 requirement that they have a set firm policy manual in place. This requirement is true for all paid tax professionals, including Enrolled Agents, CTEC Tax Preparers, RTRPs and CPAs. ClientWhys has developed a 48-page firm policy manual template (Word format) that can be personalized to bring your firm into compliance. Save time, while protecting you and your firm of non-compliance.

Download your IRS Firm Policy Manual for $199.

IRS Circular 10.36(b) requires that firm members who have or share principal authority and responsibility for overseeing a firm's practice of preparing tax returns, claims for refunds, or other documents for submission to the Internal Revenue Service must take reasonable steps to ensure that the firm has adequate procedures in effect for all members, associates, and employees for the purposes of complying with Circular 230.

This requirement applies to firms of all sizes, from sole proprietors to the largest multimember firms. The IRS will request a copy of the firm's policy manual when dropping in for a visit. Therefore, it is imperative for all firms to have a policy manual. No single type of policy manual will be appropriate for the way all firms conduct business, so the purpose of this 48 page word template is to provide guidance for each professional to develop a policy manual for their firm. Some firms will not want to use all of the suggested policies or may wish to use them in an altered form. Some firms will want to add additional policies based upon the manner in which the firms do business, such as policies regarding interviewing clients, work review policies, handing mail-in clients, using organizers, and so forth. The list is endless. The material in the template is provided to assist firms in developing policy manuals that will meet the minimum requirements of Sec 10.36(b) of Circular 230. The documents included in this download were prepared without any legal review.

Word Document Download Instructions - Once your order has been approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the download center (the e-mail may go into your spam folder). This download center is also accessible by logging into your account at, clicking on ClientWhys Marketing Store, logging in and clicking the “My Downloads” link. This will show you all of the PDF files that are available for download. Simply click on the file name or right click and “Save As” to save to your desktop.

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