Are you blogging yet? Because most CPAs and tax accountants are not.

They are too busy to manage Facebook, blogging, and their e-newsletters. The problem is that this lack of communication can affect your overall retention rates and even what your clients are willing to pay for your services.

Article Highlights:

  • Create conversations, not just marketing campaigns
  • Access new prospects and educate your target market about your practice
  • Implement an integrated, multi-channel approach to engagement
  • Create an inbound referral machine by using marketing automation

Search engines and social media empower people to engage and attract those they work with. Setting yourself apart with guidance and expertise on issues that matter reinforces their choice to work with you.

The Affordable Care Act provides a unique opportunity to differentiate your firm and get yourself out there in front of new prospects. The healthcare law is complicated and affects all income levels. Your clients have questions.

So how are you going to communicate the answers?

Are you waiting until the tax interview?

Or one by one as clients call in with concerns about some misinformation?

ClientWhys has created a series of Healthcare Video blogs that have been highly successful in informing clients of what's coming and providing brand exposure through sharing on social media. These articles are part of our Content Library, Socialize and Persyst email marketing product lines. You may not have the time to develop your own video blogs, but you can view our examples below to get ideas.

Mandatory Health Insurance Will Begin in 2014

Affordable Care Act - Preparing for the 3.8% Surtax

Whether publishing articles about the Affordable Care Act, cash flow saving tips, or tax planning strategies, effective content marketing makes people feel differently about you and your offer. Even if they don't see a difference between other service providers, you'll get the shot to prove you truly are better by staying in front of them. This is not pushy selling, but educational in nature.

And if you need help with content or marketing automation, ClientWhys can do this for you. But whatever you decide, start blogging and sharing your expertise online.

It's the start to the winning difference.

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