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ClientWhys offers a turnkey solution for professionals and financial institutions seeking educational tax and financial content for their websites and marketing programs. By licensing ClientWhys content, companies can cost-effectively add dynamic portals to their websites, facebook or other social sites and e-mail newsletter campaigns without the stress and costs of brainstorming, writing, technical review, editing and maintaining their own library of articles. Online newsletter content comes with RSS feeds, so you can syndicate your e- mail newsletter content on facebook and other social marketing sites.

  • We provide a library of tax & financial content that can enhance the the experience of your website visitors
  • Portals include Tax Central, Blog, Personal Finance, Business Coaching, Life Events, Tax News Flashes, Charitable Giving and much more
  • Our content is written and reviewed by industry experts, with over 25 years experience in taxation and personal finance
  • Our content portals will capture the look of your website, seamlessly integrating into your current design
  • Use our widgets to display breaking news or specific topic channels

Website Traffic

We have a solution for any type of business, no matter the size or budget. Select the one that best fits your practice.

  • Light Website Traffic: 1-20 Partner Tax Accounting Practices - Less than 2500 Clients
  • Medium Website Traffic: Regional Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Brokers & Other Similar Businesses - Under 10,000 website visitors per month
  • Heavy Website Traffic: Larger Corporations, Web Portals, Fortune 1000 Companies - 10,000 site visitors per month and higher

Sample Content Sites

Content Delivery Options

  • Sub-Domain Address: This is the easiest for the novice website user. We create your content product by using our domain name, client- We simply create a sub-domain that will use your domain name (for example, You simply create a hyperlink to your content site.
  • IFrame: This embeds our content pages directly into your website. We provide the iframe code to add to your website using a generic style guide that will work with most website designs.
  • RSS Feed: This is more advanced and allows website developers to stylize our content feeds in any way they desire.
  • Tax Widgets: Add our code to your website and our content widgets will direct your clients to your tax and personal finance content.

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