6 New Tools to help you market smarter.

We have been busy building new tools and features for you to play with. While we don’t want you to be designers (that’s our job), many of you have asked for more design flexibility. Below are new tools and updates to the ClientWhys Marketing Platform. Enjoy!

Font Selection:

You now have the ability to change the font styles throughout the website. We have separated out headline, buttons, etc., to allow users to select different font combinations. This is managed under the Site Editor, Settings, Branding, Fonts.

Social Media Infographics:

We have had great success with our video blogs on Facebook and are taking social sharing to the next level with our famous quote image posts. Social users are much more likely to share images that links. The exposure and showing a little personality will greatly enhance your following and brand awareness. So what are you waiting for?

Portal Updates:

We have added the ability to create a message signature for outgoing conversations. Edit the signature from the preferences gear tab next to your company name in the dashboard. Navigate to the Communications tab to make your changes.

Communication Update:

You now have the ability to edit any newsletter article. Click into the newsletter edition you want to edit, click the bottom content tab and select edit next to the article title. Make your changes and save. We have also added a separate email signature option for the newsletter. This can be accessed under the Communication Setup tab.

Online Appointment Module:

We have added the ability to embed the online appointment plugin into other websites. Just email help@clientwhys.com if you want us to enable this feature for you.

New Client Quick Links Plugin:

This new plugin allows users to add login links or other client resources with quick access from the Quick Links Plugin. Go to Site Editor, click on Plugins and Quick Links. Follow the prompts to enable.

We have also optimized and tweaked many areas of the website templates, increasing readability and load speeds. If you have any questions about the new tools, or have not yet gone live, feel free to call our Help Desk at 1.800.442.2477 x4.

Now is the time to get your website and marketing efforts up to speed for tax season. Read our blog or follow us on twitter for the latest webinars and marketing tips.

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