5 Tax Season "Must Do" Online Marketing Tips for CPAs and Tax Accountants

Here are some valuable online marketing tips to help you grow your business and retain your clients.

1. Set up your Google Places Directory Listing.


Google has changed the rules on how local search results are displayed. The addition of Google Places Listings has moved the traditional organic search results down the page, pushing some well-indexed websites to page two of the results. What this means to you is that you must have an up-to-date Google places listing. And to be at the top of the list, you must have client reviews. Click here to set up a Google Places account.


2. Make sure that you are using Map It or some other online map on your website.


One of the main functions of your website is to provide directions to your office for current and new clients. By simply adding a link to one of the mapping websites like Google Maps or MapQuest, you will ensure that clients can find you from your website, reducing late arrivals and calls to the office. Make sure to check that the Map is taking you to the correct location. You can easily create this map link by going to the Mapping website and entering your address. The Map will then provide you the ability to add a link to your website.


Click here to set up your Google Map.


3. Start using Client Portals for Online Document Sharing.


First, if you are e-mailing tax returns, you are probably violating many state and federal laws regarding privacy. Even if you encrypt a PDF, there are hundreds of free encryption breaking tools on the internet. Client portals allow you to use SSL encryption technology that protects documents during uploading and downloading. This is very similar to how online banking works. Your client portal should be easy-to-use for both parties. Better yet, your portal will save you thousands of dollars in printing and postage fees if even half of your clients start using it.


4. Start sending Thank You Referral Cards.


One of the easiest way to grow is to ask current clients for referrals. Not acknowledging these leads can be a fatal flaw. ClientWhys website and e-mail newsletter users have a library of Thank You eCards that they can quickly set up and send to clients who refer business to them. It only takes a second. So whether it is a personal hand written note, or an eCard, make sure you have a company policy in place to recognize this gesture. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to make a a real difference on your client retention rates and cost of new client acquisition.


5. Set up an Online Business Card with About.me.


The About.Me online business card consolidates links to your website and social media sites in one easy-to-find online location. The profile will be picked up by search engines and will provide you with more visibility on the web.

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  • I am a marketing junkie who has spent the last 20 years developing and executing "best in class" word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. With over 10,000 happy clients I think we are on to something. The explosion in web marketing and social media have redefined the way independent professionals market their practices. Follow my blog to see if you can take some of our actionable ideas to market your own practice.

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