5-Star Reviews are Pouring in due to our Tax Reform Update

This week, on behalf of our accounting and tax pro clients, we emailed out an urgent update on tax reform to all their clients.

We thought this update would be well-received, but had no idea that our clients would get such overwhelmingly positive response.

In fact, dozens of 5-star reviews came flooding into our clients’ TaxBuzz profiles from their end clients, thanking them for this useful and timely tax update.

  • “Mr. Isaac has been our tax preparer for a quite a few years. He is very professional and I never question has preparation of our taxes. The information provided in the newsletter was very helpful.” – Deborah Y
  • “With so much misinformation disseminated by the media, it is refreshing to read researched and accurate information.” – Carolyn P
  • “This is the best comparison I've found yet. Clear, concise, and thorough.” – Jim B

We have included more examples of these TaxBuzz 5-star reviews below.

Have you sent an update to your clients about Tax Reform? 

This is the biggest change to tax law in more than 30 years, so your clients will have lots of questions.

We have provided a nice summary of the provisions and changes on our TaxBuzz blog and our clients who have websites and email newsletters with us also have this posted on their communication platforms as well, including social media.

Don’t miss out on this chance to be a “hero” to your clients and to inform and educate them on all of the coming changes.

Keeping your clients in the loop with ever-changing tax laws can be, well, taxing.  Let us help. It’s never too late to get a great new website, tax and accounting blog, email newsletters, social media marketing and more.  We’ll give your clients updates on hot topics like #TaxReform and more. We also make it easy, fast and affordable.

If you are an accounting, tax or bookkeeping professional and have questions how you can get great tax and accounting content for your website, blog, email newsletters and social media, contact us today at 1-800-442-2477 x 3 or set up some time speak with one of our tax and accounting content experts. 

  • Brad Cooper

  • Brad serves as Senior Vice President of Operations, Marketing and Sales at ClientWhys, Inc.  Brad is an interactive marketing veteran with more than 20 years of experience at companies including Apple, Xerox and MGM Studios.  Over the past two decades, Brad and his teams have managed more than 100,000 digital marketing campaigns for practices and businesses including websites, social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, mobile, reputation management and more. He also has been an active writer, speaker and contributor for professional services associations and publications. 

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