5 easy ways to improve your accountant website search results before tax season.

As a rule of thumb, it usually takes 2-3 months to the see the effects of changes in your website for search engine optimization (SEO). Though changes to your on page SEO are reflected sooner.

If you want to move your website up the rankings before tax season here are 5 easy ways to get better results.

1) Get reviews on Yelp and your Google Places page listings - So what do reviews have to with SEO? A lot. Google and the other search engines take into effect the quantity and quality of reviews in their algorithm. It also helps that 47% of consumers trust reviews they read online. Reviews basically validate their decision to work with you.

2) Update your H1 tags, meta titles and descriptions - Every page of your website should have unique meta information so the search engines and readers find content that matches their searches. Make sure that you are using the keywords you want to be found by. If your website doesn't allow you to customize the meta information for each page, get a new website. In addition, if you have multiple offices, or want to target nearby cities, create custom landing pages for each location. Therefore, the keywords are embedded within the landing page.

3) Link pages internally within your website - Google will follow internal and external links on your website to index other web pages. Having your keyword phrases linked within your website will help you score better.

4) Get quality inbound links to your website - An inbound link is where another website or blog links to your website. Ideally, the other webmasters link your keywords (for example, Irvine CPA to your site versus a straight link). Get referral sources, vendors, your social media accounts, etc., to link to you. If you have a local blog or online newsletter in your area, volunteer yourself as an author and write content that you can link to your website. Do not game the system and buy links, HUGE NO!

5) Content is king with Google -  If your website does not have quality content that your audience wants to read, your bounce rates will be higher and your website ranked lower. Google has made all of these recent changes to their algorithm to suppress sites with poor content. Those that are succeeding have educational material and resources that readers want to consume. Our websites for accountant clients get more than 50% of their traffic from ClientWhys blog articles. Integrating your own blog content will be even more effective. Google's going to reward the tax accountants who are doing it right. If you're putting a lot of effort into writing high-quality, unique articles for your audience, the algorithms will reward you with higher rankings.

To further assist you with improving your accountant marketing and SEO results before tax season, watch this 18-minute webinar that will go into more detail about the best practices that are getting results today.

Update your SEO for Tax Season Webinar - 11/07/2013

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