2 Simple Ways to Automate Your Newsletter and Social Media Sites

A busy CPA or Tax Accountant does not have the time to write, edit and distribute client communications to their client base. Most firms that try to start a newsletter program usually loses steam after a couple of issues. However, with the many varied options that technology offers, there's no more room for complacency.

Technology has advanced to a stage where CPAs and Tax Accountants can distribute the latest tax law changes, due date reminders and planning strategies cost-effectively and automatically.  And if you are not using Social Media to network and communicate with your clients, then your competitors probably are.

  • Hootsuite Social Media Dashboard - Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the modern word of mouth and referral source for service professionals.  Consumers ask their friends and colleagues for advice through these social sites…so not having a presence on them is a big mistake!  If you are posting your newsletter articles or blogs on your social sites, it will be easier for your own clients to recommend you by forwarding your postings.

    A great tool that helps you manage your social sites using one control panel is Hootsuite.  ClientWhys uses it for its own social sites and allows us to target our postings to a site, or to all the sites at one time, depending on our preference.  It takes only one login to post to all our social sites.  That's how simple it is.

    If you don’t have the content to create and maintain a Social Media presence, subscribe to our $19.95 monthly client newsletter suite that provides 7-15 articles per month, covering tax and personal finance, business issues, QuickBooks tips and more.  This allows you to generate new content automatically and maintain a high profile online.

  • ClientWhys E-mail and Social Media Newsletters - Designed for CPAs, EAs, financial planners and tax preparers, ClientWhys E-mail and Social Newsletters cost-effectively provide your clients with breaking news and tax-savings tips that are quick and easy-to-read.

    Our automated system will send out monthly newsletters via e-mail and through RSS feeds to update your social media sites. So when your e-mail newsletter is released, your social media followers will also see your articles posted to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

    Future enhancements will include automated “Happy Birthday” messages and due date and appointment reminders.  Spend your time working on billable projects versus administrative duties.  Our automated system will help free up valuable time, allowing you to manage client relationships and grow your practice.

It doesn't take a huge budget or a considerable amount of time to keep your clients and prospects informed about important tax and financial-related changes that are coming their way.  Best yet, your social media submissions will get indexed by Google and help drive traffic to your website.

  • Lee Reams II

  • I am a marketing junkie who has spent the last 20 years developing and executing "best in class" word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. With over 10,000 happy clients I think we are on to something. The explosion in web marketing and social media have redefined the way independent professionals market their practices. Follow my blog to see if you can take some of our actionable ideas to market your own practice.

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