11 predictions that could affect Tax Accountants in the upcoming tax season.

It is not too early to start looking ahead to the upcoming tax season. I compiled a list of predictions and trends that may affect your marketing and time management in 2015.

1) Compliance with the Affordable Care Act tax will force many DIY tax software users to return to professional tax preparers.

2) Tax accountants who actively seek reviews on sites like Yelp and taxbuzz.com will attract significantly more leads than their competitors.

3) Responsive websites will draw more leads as mobile searches increase to over 50% of web traffic.

4) The number of returns on extension in 2015 will increase substantially due to the additional complexity of tax return preparation created by the Affordable Care Act.

5) The cost of having a return prepared in 2015 will increase substantially due to the additional time required for the Affordable Care Act reporting and reconciliation requirements.

6) Tax accounting practices that concentrate on niches will grow faster than generalists.

7) The use of video to build brand awareness will increase in significance.

8) Firms that use instant online appointment setting on their websites will increase conversion rates twofold.

9) Firms that embrace social media will continue to pull away from their competitors.

10) The AICPA will lose its lawsuit against the IRS voluntary preparer program.

11) Electronic filing will begin late due to Congress’s delay in addressing the extender issues.

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