1000+ pages to make your tax season less taxing.

Use the searchable reference to find the answers to your most common tax questions. Save time and improve your accuracy. A win win.

Download it Now! The Big Book Searchable Digital Version for only $85.

If you are not convinced that the Big Book of Taxes is the must-have tax update, read for yourself what our users have to say. Call us at 1.800.442.2477 x1 with questions or order online at www.taxcpe.com.

Here is sampling of what is included in this year's Big Book of Taxes:

New Simplified Home Office Deduction - Learn about the new simplified home office deduction and how to compute it. Learn the differences between the simplified method and the regular method and how to choice the right option to your client's advantage.

New Mandatory Sec 7216 Use & Consent Language - Beginning in January 2014 all Sec 7216 use and disclosure consents must include the revised mandatory language. You will learn how to modify you consent to comply with this new requirement and we provide you consent templates.

Tax Office Policy Manual - In 2013 we introduced a Tax Office Policy Manual template at our seminars and provided a free download from our website so that they quickly and easily comply with Sec 10.36(b) of Circular 230.

Repairs and Capital Improvements - Learn how to apply the regulations taking effect in 2015 dealing with the treatment of repairs and capital improvements.

American Taxpayer Relief Act Provisions - Learn all the provisions of that bill as they apply to individuals and small businesses, including;

Capital Gains Rates - Learn how to apply the revised capital gains rates, and where the new 20% rate kicks in for higher income taxpayers.

Higher Income Taxpayer Phase-Outs - Learn how the itemized deduction phase-outs work and they will impact your higher income taxpayers.

Increased Tax Rates - Learn how the increased tax rates will impact you higher income taxpayers.

Extended Tax Cuts - ATRA extended a great number of pre-2012 tax benefits and Bush tax cuts. Learn the new sunset dates for these provisions and how they might impact your taxpayers.

Alternative Minimum Tax - Learn how to minimize your client's AMT and take advantage of the new inflation adjusted exemptions.

Portability of Unused Estate Tax Exemption - Learn how to preserve the unused exemption for the surviving spouse and more importantly your potential legal liability for ignoring this issue.

Roth Conversions - Learn about the new Roth conversion opportunities and how they might apply to your clients.

Affordable Care Act Delayed Provisions taking effect in 2013 and later:

Unearned Income Medicare Contribution Tax - You will learn how to compute and minimize the new 3.8% Unearned Income Medicare Contribution Tax (surtax on net investment income) for high and strategies to help your clients avoid this surtax.

Hospital Insurance Tax - Learn how to reconcile the new 0.9% Hospital Insurance Tax for higher income taxpayers and determine the balance due or excess credit.

Premium Assistance Credit - Learn which of your clients may qualify for the new health insurance premium credit in 2014 to help them offset the cost of their health insurance and be able to answer their questions related to the credit.

Shared Responsibility Payment - Learn how this penalty, also known as the penalty for not being insured, is computed and be able to answer your clients questions related to new penalty that you will be required to compute on your client's 2014 tax return.

Small Business Health Insurance Credit - Learn how you small business clients can get a tax credit for providing health insurance to their clients and the pros and cons for doing so.

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